Thanks to all who posted helpful comments on my last post. The more I’ve thought about it, the more I’ve realized that the key is simply consistency. I know that I stop checking other blogs when they have too long of a posting lapse because I start to wonder if they’ve stopped blogging altogether, plus I just get out of the habit of checking them if they aren’t updated on a regular schedule.

So, without further ado, I’m announcing a change in my regularly scheduled programming. Instead of my usual twice-weekly posting, I’m going to cut down to once a week for the remainder of gestation and the first six weeks of screaming newborn.

Realistically, I’m picturing that Friday will be the optimal day for posting, since I’ll be teaching Monday and Wednesday evenings.

And, by the way, this little nugget doesn’t count as a post this week. I’m still excited to put up the post I’m working on, complete with photos. It’s just turning out to be a more time-consuming post than I realized.

See you Friday!

4 thoughts on “The Scoop on the Schedule

  1. I love all your blog posts, even if I’ll be seeing less of them. *sniff*. It’s made me think about my schedule with blog posting, though, so thanks 🙂


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