“To learn is to recreate the way we see ourselves, our education, and our society.”

~Ira Shor on Paolo Freire’s critical pedagogy

To master the skill of writing is also to master the art of seeing. You can only write as clearly as you can view the world. The more you perceive the complexities of life, the more your writing will come alive. And the more your writing comes alive, the more potential you have to persuade others through writing and make a difference in the world.

So while technically the focus of this course is on genre, research, and document design, I feel that the best approach is to make the writing real — to deal with real issues, real experiences, and to put it on the internet for a real twenty-first-century audience searching for the information my students might be able to provide. Each student chooses his or her own issue to address — something that he or she has had experience with and wants to explore further — and then tackles that issue from four distinct angles:

  • profile/memoir
  • report
  • instructions/tips
  • position/proposal

In addition, blog entries scattered through the semester allow students to explore how the ideas connect to their own lives.

Putting it on the internet makes it public and published, not only giving them a real, concrete audience but also extra motivation to make everything look good and sound good.

The resources below are documents I’ve created and given my 2010 students as they’re compiling their sites, and the sample links are to actual completed student websites from past semesters. (These are students whose sites received the highest grades and who gave me permission to link to them here.)

Resource Links

Student Sample Sites

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