My sister announced to me yesterday that she feels “happily impatient,” and I instantly loved the concept. So perfect for spring, isn’t it? It’s about anticipation of good things on their way.

For me, I’ve been feeling that way for months about my manuscript. Writing is the only thing I want to do lately because I’m so impatiently excited to complete this story and send it off and see what happens! I have to force myself to cook, shower, sleep, read, publish blog posts, grade papers, plan lessons and the like because if I could I would hole up in an office at a desk and do nothing but write.

Yesterday I even found myself resentful of spring. How dare the weather be so nice? Winter is so much more productive. Winter condones my hermit-like nature. Winter gives me the excuse to huddle over my computer.

So I’m trying to remind myself of happily impatient today. In order to stay happy, I know I need a balance in my life, including fresh air and sunshine. And I know there are many many things to look forward to besides a book.

(But still, secretly, while I’m out in the sunshine, you can bet I’m working on my novel in my head.)

What about you? What are you happily impatient about right now? What do you find yourself thinking of all the time?

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3 thoughts on “Happily Impatient

  1. Cool concept. Let’s see, flowers and fresh produce straight from the garden, my new flooring, typing the words: THE END, vacation, and so many other fabulous things. đŸ™‚


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