Yesterday I went to the library to write. Being the efficient person that I am, I also gathered whatever library books I could find around the house and returned them while I was there.

Then last night, as hubby was getting the boys ready for bed, I heard, “Go find Mrs. Collywobbles. Let’s read Mrs. Collywobbles.”

And then, “I can’t find it, Dad.”

“Keep looking. Maybe it’s behind the bed.”

I got that sinking feeling. You know, the one where you suddenly realize you did something wrong and now you have to admit it to everyone.

“Um, guys. Bad news. I returned it to the library. It was due.”

(Okay, the part about it being due was a half lie. I could have renewed it. But I just wanted to return as many books as I could find because we’re always close to the thirty-book limit. There are always twenty-something library books around our house, and I was trying to decrease that number.)

There was a collective moan of disappointment.

“That wasn’t our book?” hubby asked. “It was a library book?”

We’d been reading it so long, over and over, that it seemed like it belonged to us.

So today I bought it: Beware of the Frog by William Bee, starring Mrs. Collywobbles and her little pet frog, so that hubby can keep reading, night after night, in his best ogre voice, “Dum-dee-dum. Dum-dee-dummy. I’ve got a very, very hungry tummy.”

What books are essential at your house, whether for the kids or yourself, fiction or nonfiction?

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8 thoughts on “Beware of Picture Books You Can’t Stop Reading

  1. Ahahaha! I want him to read it to me! If I wouldn’t feel like an idiot laughing out loud in the library I would right now. Loudly. And I like “Science Verse.” Science in the form of poetry. The only way I’ll ever want to read about metamorphosis and whatnot ever again.


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