Today’s post is going to be pretty darn short. Because I think they’re calling our flight right now. Maybe I should check what zone we are. And maybe I should shut down my laptop.

Mostly I’m just writing to say that although I’m scheduled to post today, there won’t be anything exciting until at least tomorrow. Right now, I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that I can make it to my 5:30 class tonight, since, you know, I’m the teacher and it’s good if the teacher’s there.

Arizona has been awesome this weekend. Thankfully we missed the dust storm that caused five crashes on the interstate we had to drive Saturday. Other than that, perfect weather. We wore shorts and tee shirts Thanksgiving Day. This morning we toured Arizona State University. I’m hoping to enter their English Education PhD program fall 2011, and I liked everybody I met this morning and everything about the program, so it all looks good so far. When I walked into the offices of the two head professors and saw bookcases jammed full with young adult books, I knew I was in the right place!

I thought about calling this post “Monday Motivations.” I’ve got two big ambitions right now: become a published author, and become an English Education professor (next step: doctorate!). What are your ambitions? What motivates you to keep writing or going to school or whatever you’re doing?

[UPDATE: Made it to class on time! Also, revised a couple things that come with posting too quickly. I probably shouldn’t make changes after posting, but I figure it’s my site so I can make my own rules, right? And my rule is that as long as I put an “update” saying I changed things, I’m allowed to change things. ;)]

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