read-a-thonHere’s me being an unofficial cheerleader to all those participating in the read-a-thon today: GO READERS!

I plan on reading, too, but unfortunately the schedule didn’t work out for me to spend the whole day at it. However, I’ve stuck a button in my sidebar for anyone who’s interested in the event to find out more. Let’s plan a huge party for the April one! I’ll host, and everybody can bring books and snacks.

And speaking of my sidebar. It’s getting out of control. Maybe this is a sign that I need one of those 3-column themes rather than just two columns. I love all my widgets and just can’t part with any of them.

One that I’ve been trying to add—without success so far—is my Hunger Games poll. I have people even coming up to me at church activities saying, “I got on your site, but I can’t find the poll.” Darn it! That’s because it got buried in a post. And the reason it’s in a post in the first place is because I couldn’t get it to go in the sidebar. But as a compromise, I’ve put a link to the post in the sidebar, so hopefully that will help!

For my lame effort in the read-a-thon, here’s what I’ve got in my to-read stack right now (not that I’ll get to more than the first two today):

once was lostcybele's secretsilksingermaze runnerlife as we knew itaudrey-wait

[UPDATE: I saved the Silksinger picture but then forgot to insert it into the post initially. So if you’re very astute and saying to yourself, “Hey, there were only five books when I read this before,” you’re right.]

What are you reading? What do you think of the 24-hour read-a-thon idea?

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4 thoughts on “Read-a-thon Pseudo-participation and Out-of-control Widgets

  1. You’ve got a great list of books on your to-read list! I like having the two sidebars a lot, although mine are pretty bare (and I keep forgetting to update my “currently reading”, too!).

    This was my first year participating in the readathon and I really enjoyed it. I’ll be doing this again (but again as a cheerleader, not as a reader)!


    1. I don’t think I could ever do the full 24 hrs, but I like the idea of having a day where we read as much as possible, and I might try to get my kids involved next time. It would be fun to have them tally how many picture books we can read in a day.

      You make a great cheerleader! Thanks for all the blog comments.


  2. I had not heard of this event and missed it completely. It sounds like a lot of fun. As for widget overload, could some of those doodads be moved somewhere else? You have a ton of links for example and they would be easier to scan if they had their own page.


    1. I guess the event was actually inspired by 24-hr comics day, so maybe you know more about it than I do. And you’re right that maybe the links need their own page. There are way too many authors! I’ll have to fiddle with that idea. Thanks!


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