This probably won’t be a revelation to anyone except me, but HOLY COW! IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE WRITING EVERY DAY!

After the fabulous critique group I participated in about four weeks ago (see this post), somehow I let teaching and other things (including blogging) get in the way of real writing, and suddenly three weeks had gone by with no revisions. So last Thursday I slapped my wrist and forced myself to not only place butt in chair but ignore the internet and open no files except my WIP.

And not much happened. I tried writing a new scene that I needed to insert, but it wasn’t gelling. I wasn’t feeling inspired. The day was pretty much a flop.

The next day, I forced myself to write again. I created a scene outline, but still didn’t feel much inspiration.

scene outline

Then Saturday I woke up and worked on writing pretty much all day. I monkeyed with the scene outline, I reworked the new scene I’d started Thursday and found that suddenly it was gelling, and throughout the day I was making real progress again!

Sunday, I evaluated. I said to myself, “Self, sure you teach on Mondays and Wednesdays, and sure that makes you feel like you should set writing aside until Thursday through Saturday, but HELLO!  If it takes three days to get back in writing mode every time you let it lapse, then Thursday and Friday will go to waste every week.

“You have to write every day.”

Yep, this is word for word how the internal conversation went.

my desk
Yeah, I work at the kitchen table. It's central, and it's got the best window view.

And here’s the thing: it’s been working. This week I’ve been writing every morning, before starting my lesson plans. My novel is actually progressing again. The more days in a row I concentrate on it, the more inspired I feel about how to rearrange the scenes and quicken the pacing and reveal the characters, etc.

Yeah, it’s not anything new. But that’s my advice: Write daily!

Anybody else feel the same way? Do you write just on the weekends, or some other schedule that works for you? I’m curious to know if having to write daily is just me.

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7 thoughts on “More Inspiration the More You Work for It

  1. I feel the exact same way. On a daily basis, it takes me a good half hour to get into it. If I go a week without, it could be months before I feel it again.

    Great post. Think I’ll go write now.


  2. Drawing is certainly like that. I had a hard time getting back into figure drawing when I took a long break for example.

    As for writing, I am convinced that my subconscious will work on projects for me as long as I check in on it regularly. Maybe since you’re doing a little active thinking about your work in progress everyday, your subconscious is putting in more work on it too.


  3. When I was working on my last WIP, I was writing every day. Now that I’ve completed the draft (it’s sitting in a drawer waiting for revisions), I haven’t been writing every day – I’m doing NaNoWriMo next month, so I’m doing all the prep work this month. I am really hoping that I’ll be able to sit down November 1 and start writing, but I suspect that it will take me at least a few days to get back into the rhythm. I probably should have kept on writing short stories or something after I finished my last WIP!


    1. I’m that way too often as well. It’s easier for me to write daily when I’m drafting because I set a word count goal for myself and track it. But with revisions, I don’t track my progress and I’m more likely to let it slip. Good luck with your prep work!


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